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medical pedicure

keep those feet dancing!

esme was once talking to a woman who worked with the elderly, and she told esme that you can get a sense of how well-cared for (or not) an elderly person is by looking at their toe-nails.  this conversation probably took place after esme’s back surgery, when she herself, although not nearly elderly, was having trouble reaching her toes.

in fact esme still has difficulty reaching her toes, and this is one reason she feels that periodic pedicures are a must!  and esme’s mother, whose spine injury has caused her to have foot and toe problems, recently had a medical pedicure.  esme had seen ads for such a thing and wondered about it.  now she knows that many medical issues (diabetes, nerve problems) can make the pedicure not a luxury but a necessity.  and guess what?  medicare should pay for it!  imagine!  i don’t suppose they pay for the polish, but hey…maybe a nice tip would inspire some paloma picasso red.

so readers, do take care of your toes.  and if you can’t do it, make sure you find someone who can do it for you.

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