by admin on October 23, 2011

art nouveau brooch and earring set

let me introduce zaza (ah, don’t you just LOVE her name?).  she has a previous history of frequent and intense shopping.  and a stash of exquisite clothing and accessories to show for it.  however, due to changes in priorities, she has recently decided to not shop.  and i mean really not shop (unlike yours truly).

here’s how she does it.   first, she uses her previously purchased accessories to add style and variety to her outfits.  esme imagines that this also allows her to reminisce fondly about the experiences she had shopping for the accessories.  here she is in her own words:

“My art nouveau brooch and earring set makes up for not shopping.  I bought it several yrs ago at Lang’s on Sutter St. , a marvelous
emporium of vintage jewels. I can also put the brooch on a chain and wear it is a pendant. I can wear the set together or separately.
Lang’s has a wonderful website.”
the other technique zaza uses is to avoid temptation (similar to a recovering alcoholic avoiding bars):
“I have reduced shopping: not shopping at all would be one of the levels of hell !  I try not to look at
catalogues or fashion magazines.  And I don’t go into boutiques.  If I walk in , I will fall in love with
something and obsess about it .  If I don’t see it , I don’t know what I am missing !”
esme knows she should try this one, but then, how the heck could she write her blog??

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