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esme noir in blanque

esme in babette

despite zaza’s sage advice (if you’re trying to not shop, don’t enter boutiques), esme was forced do a little sportshopping in order to complete a homework assignment.  well, she could have chosen one of the projects that involved clipping photos from magazines, but the idea of going into a shop to compare two outfits (in terms of fit, styling, fabric, innovation, price) seemed so much more……hands on!

esme just happened to have in mind a couple of outfits she wouldn’t mind trying on (trying things on was required for the homework).  she nipped into pacific rim, where she knew that her friendly salesperson vicki was on the job.  one must be careful where one shops if one does not really intend to buy anything.  she had decided to compare a pants-and-top outfit by babette with one by blanque, both in black.  both were quite desirable.  in fact, esme had been admiring a babette top that whimsey had worn to book group last month.

however, what esme fell in love with was the blanque outfit.  it’s hard to explain quite why.  the fabric felt wonderful (a “triacetate/poly” huh?? blend), and had a lovely drape.  as you may recall, esme is a sucker for drape.  the top had a flattering diagonal button line.  the pants were simple but had an interesting detail at the ankle–a series of horizontal seams that added visual appeal and just a bit of stiffness.

this is the type of outfit that a customer in another store once yelled at esme for trying on:  why, she opined, would you wear something loose and shapeless when you have such a great figure??  well, i suppose this was a backhand compliment, but esme loves loose and shapeless outfits, especially when they fall nicely to just hint at what is beneath.  so there!!

both blanque and babette are most likely aimed at women in esme’s general socio-economic group:  women of a certain age who want to look elegant and a bit artsy while hiding their bulges and resting comfortably in their clothes.  for better or for worse, the blanque outfit was way too expensive for esme’s current budget.  she rather doubts it will end up on the sale-rack, but who knows?  imagining it might is one of esme’s little tricks for appeasing the desiring mind, rather like taking half one’s dinner to have for lunch the next day.

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