by admin on October 25, 2011

luciano barbera blazer

speaking of expensive clothing, esme found a quite wonderful little blazer at a store in carmel plaza called madrigal.  they carry lots of italian wools, classic styles, tailored clothing.  when esme was still a working person, she loved to shop there.  and periodically she finds a compelling  item for her non-employed state.

this luciano barbera blazer was one such item.  there were 3 or 4 different styles, some of which looked great on the rack but didn’t hang quite right on esme.  then there was one that fit like a glove.  it was a 3 button jacket in a black-and-white herringbone tweed, fitted at the waist, and fairly long.  somehow the darts and curves were perfect, and it didn’t pinch in the arms!  it looked quite fetching over esme’s jeans and black gap t.  uh oh……

well, no wonder.  a quick look at the price tag was a bit of a shock:  one could probably buy a really old fiat for about the same price!  i wonder if i’ll see it walking by on ocean ave. one day and upbraid myself with abstainer’s remorse.

oh well.  another item to put on my 80% off wishlist.

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