by admin on October 26, 2011

is this girly enough?

wow…..esme’s fashion class is turning out to be very instructive.  esme nearly fainted when she learned that the final project (done in groups) was to be forming an imaginary fashion company and designing, constructing, showing and advertising a complete “look”.  first of all, there is that whole group project thing:  when christophe was in high school, esme used to thank her lucky stars that she was born before the age of the group project.

before one even gets to the project, there is the horrible prospect of forming a group:  who will pick you?  will you end up in the dud group? will you be forced to choose someone because you feel sorry for them?  oy vey iz mir!  esme had been having insomnia for a week just thinking about it!  she doesn’t quite know how it happened, but the goddess of groups must have looked down upon her yesterday, because somehow she managed to end up in a group, and it has turned out to be a fun one.

then there is the project itself.  esme can’t sew, has no gift for design, couldn’t produce a fashion show if her life depended on it, and can’t draw her way out of a box.  and she thought she was so smart!!!  there are some situations where a b.a. in literature (circa 1975) and a ph.d. in clinical psychology just don’t get you very far.  in fact, such degrees may be albatrosses!

fortunately, it turned out the every single one of the other group members knew how to do one or more of these things.  who woulda thunk?  esme may turn out to be the default deadbeat.

we went around the group describing what we’d like to produce.  esme had in mind the knit silk t she’s been imagining for years, with coordinating pants, jacket, etc.  perhaps a bit like the petit pois line.  perfect for the woman of a certain age!

well, you might have guessed that the rest of the students had other things in mind.  every single one of them imagined a dress, universally described as “girly”!  maybe a prom dress, or at least one for those “special occasions”.  esme could see that she was out-numbered and quickly gave herself over to the sartorial fantasies of the modern college-age woman.

since then, esme has been eating, sleeping and dreaming girly.  she has emailed a bunch of ideas to her colleagues.  she has been dipped in the fountain of youth.

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