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esme will let you in on a couple of “for the trade” websites that she has learned about in her fashion class.  one is  it discusses fashion trends and forecasts that one must take into consideration in designing one’s signature dress.  another is  this site is all about color trends for fashion and interior design.

naturally, the first thing esme did when she got home from class was do a little on-line research.  she discovered that aquatic themes are predicted to be big for spring (who would have known??).  this was very exciting for esme, as she is such a dedicated water person (even though she is actually a Sagittarius).

she also checked out the colors.  now spring is not her season, but there were some colors that might be nice—blues, violets and the like.  and, she reminded herself that the gown to be designed is NOT FOR HER but for the z generation.

she mulled the word “girly”.  both esme’s family of origin and the esteemed mr. noir disapprove rather violently of a girly look (at least on esme).  around the time that esme turned 50, she decided she needed to branch out into a more feminine look, and you would not believe the grief she endured from mr. noir!  those clothes ended up in the consignment shops.  so esme decided the atelier needed a better word.  the group had suggested “feminine”, which, however, doesn’t quite capture the spirit.

esme considered different permutations of the feminine (now we’re talking jung).  the book GODDESSES IN EVERY WOMAN by jean bolen came to mind.  the feminine takes many forms:  the princess, the bombshell, the ice-queen, the hotty, the waif, the wood-nymph, the bad-girl—see where i’m coming from?  and suddenly, esme had what she saw as a brilliant inspiration:  MERMAIDS!!!

mermaids are beautiful and sexy but ultimately untouchable.  compelling and mysterious.  they attract men, but don’t need them. and they are water creatures.  they bridge the worlds of land and sea, human and mythic.  their colors are blue and green with accents of whatever you’d like.  words that come to mind:  iridescent, enthralling, seductive, other-wordly…..and t.s. eliot:  “i hear the mermaids singing, each to each…”  (oops,wrong generation, but i can’t get it out of my mind).

as you can see, esme is positively entranced with the idea of a mermaid dress.  let’s see what the college-girls think!

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