by admin on October 28, 2011

naot boots

after tiring out her brain thinking about her fashion project, esme decided that she deserved a little shop.  plus, she needed to check out fabrics for the project at the local thrift shops.  these shops just happen to be right near hedi’s shoes and shoe outlet.  esme owed it to herself to pop in and check out what was new.

the shoe outlet had lots of new mephistos on sale.  esme tried on a few but didn’t buy any.  if you are a mephisto person, you must drop in.  the regular store displayed tons of cool shoes, and an interesting tableau.  there were 2 cute women happily trying on winter boots and chatting excitedly about their finds.  it turned out that they were sisters, one local and one in the area for the day.  this brought back fond memories of esme’s occasional shopping trips with roz.

and the boots they were trying on were to die for!  esme just had to try on a few herself, for research purposes.  a pair of keen boots (they come in black and brown) had an exceptionally comfy foot-bed but were a bit wide at the top.  a killer pair of naots had these fab buttons in purples and grays going up the side.  the heels were just a tad high for esme, but had they been a bit lower she would have so bought these boots!

the sisters ended up buying 5 pairs between them.  a husband was consulted via cell-phone.  desire and guilt fought it out on the spot.  esme was in heaven, but decided she’d best leave before her unsolicited advice became totally obnoxious!

sisters shopping

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