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rule of thirds

fashion thirds

esme has discovered a wonderful fashion blog written by imogen lamport of australia.  she posts practical advice about dressing well, often referring to rules or principles and illustrating them with specific examples.

several of her posts have stuck in esme’s mind.  one is about “the rules of thirds”.  here is what imogen says:

“We really like uneven proportions, when we dress in a 1:1 ratio (halves) we find it looks blocky, boxy and unflattering. Using a 1:2 ratio where we have a longer proportion and a shorter proportion (1/3 or 2/3) will elongate your body and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.”  click here to see the whole article: insideoutstyleblog.

esme would not have thought of this in a million years.  it perhaps explains why she has a fondness for long tops over jeans.

another great concept introduced to esme by imogen is the idea of a column of color.  one’s outfit should contain one color theme from top to bottom to give the impression of a unified whole, and to make one look taller and slimmer.  of course, if one wants to look shorter and squatter, this concept would not apply!  here is imogen on column of color:

“If you want to look taller or slimmer, you need to use the unbroken line as your guide to dressing.
What is the unbroken line?  Every time you end a garment, and the hem of each garment creates horizontal lines (which break up your body), you are shortening and widening yourself.
So creating an unbroken line by using a column of colour from shoulder to knee (or longer) will elongate your body.
Don’t forget to colour blend shoes to your bottom, or to your skin to create the longest, leanest lines.”  check out examples at  insideoutstyleblog.

esme has been using this idea intuitively for years, finding that she looks best in tops and bottoms of similar shades, outfits with low-contrast colors, and accessories (or lack thereof) that create a vertical line.  this principle might be a good way for esme to justify her dislike of belts, which actually stems from her discomfort at having anything tight at the waist!

so check out imogen’s blog, and if you’re ever in australia, be sure to say hi from esme!

loving those thirds,



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