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surfer gal

well, esme is thrilled to report that her atelier seems to approve of the mermaid concept!  we decided to design special occasion gown rather than a prom dress, so our target market has aged.  we need a woman who is old enough to afford a really cool gown for something like a new year’s eve. party, a corporate event, etc.  probably an independent working type in the 28-35 age range.  know anyone like that?  and if so, what kind of dress would she like?

anyway, esme had another flash of brilliance about the design of this dress.  how about channeling a surfer gal vibe and constructing the bodice of the dress from wetsuit material (neoprene)?  esme envisions a kind of tube-dress of neoprene, fitted and sexy, in blues and greens, coming to about mid-thigh.  then, you could top this with a really feminine layer of lace, sheer silk or such like, coming down below the knees in a flowing drape.  a surfer mermaid!!!  leather and lace.  juxtaposition of opposites.

neoprene dress

details of construction (of course) elude esme, and she hears that neoprene is very hard to sew.  however, she’ll never forget how sexy she used to feel when she donned a little half-wetsuit (more like a swimming suit with short sleeves) for swimming in the bay when she was in her late 20’s.  neoprene is like spanx:  it holds you in and lifts you up!

esme was so excited by this vision that she emailed her design group right away.  well, i fear the idea was not an instant hit…..but then, perhaps esme will have to produce this one herself.

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