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crazy dress by prairie underground

i know we always have fog in the summer and indian summer in the fall, but this year has been really extreme.  it was so foggy and cold all summer that esme rarely got out of her jeans, long-sleeve t, and jacket. her linens moldered in her closet.  if she had followed the rule of “donate anything you haven’t worn for 6 months (or even a year)” they would have been out of here, along with anything sleeveless, lighter than a breadbox, or unattractive to wear with leggings underneath.

fortunately, esme has never followed that rule.  because now we’ve been having a rather late and rather protracted indian summer.  esme has had to turn the sprinkling system on for the first time since last september and she’s had to resort to sunscreen on her arms when driving.  her usual dog-walking attire, even with a linen jacket or vest substituted for her patagonia shell, has been just too hot!

the other day, esme’s legs were just not feeling like being confined.  she scanned her closet and out jumped a little frock, purchased a couple of years ago at stephan cori, that the noirs like to call esme’s “crazy dress”.  now esme has always admired women, including her own sister roz, who can wear skirts and dresses as a daily uniform.  esme has just never been able to see how they do it.  however, she popped the crazy dress on over a 3/4 sleeve lavender t that she’d just found on sale at j. jill (more on that later), and felt so light and airy that she was ready to do a little jig.

the amazing thing is that her cell-phone, dog-treats, keys and poop bags fit right into the fluffy pockets on the skirt, and the oufit looked rather jaunty (if eccentric) with her merrell walking shoes and tilly hat.  indeed, she ran into one of her dog-walker buddies on the trail, and he didn’t recognize her at first–“you’re so dressed up” he exclaimed.  even mr. noir approved, noting that esme looked “girly but not over the top”.  well, you can’t beat that!

merrells and tilley hat

enjoying the air,



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