by admin on November 3, 2011

to esme’s great amazement, our group project in fashion class has turned out to be really fun.  we all seem to be really excited about envisioning and producing a gown.  everyone is contributing, and no one seems left out.  esme finds herself thinking about ideas at all hours of the day and night.

so the latest is this:  we’ve decided on a mermaid-shaped gown, in a silvery color, with a fitted, slightly stretchy bodice to mid-thigh, and a sheer skirt to the ankle.  kind of like this one:

concept for silver mermaid gown


one of our members found a perfect little tank dress at forever 21, which we plan to deconstruct to make the top half.  we haven’t quite decided how radically to deconstruct it, as all of us are afraid of making a royal mess.  i suspect the final decision will rest with the seamstresses among us.

here is our darling model trying on the tank dress, with one of esme’s ballet skirts standing in for the skirt of the dress.

model in first mock-up of mermaid dress

we figure we’ll do her hair to make it look wet, and maybe apply some green eyeshadow, and……and then there are the shoes.  strappy silver sandals??  crazy heels in a contrasting color?  all must be located for a few pennies, or found in our closets.

and then there is jewelry.  shell necklaces?  antique silver?  diamonds and platinum?  and maybe a little shrug of some sort to cover the arms if it’s cold.

esme just can’t wait to go back to work!

pretending is so much fun,



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