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captured selkie (from wikipedia)

esme has found herself getting quite carried away by the idea of mermaids.  there is a haunting beauty associated with the mermaid image.  and then there is the selkie.  an irish mythological creature, a selkie can be either male or female.  he or she lives in the body of a seal, but can emerge as a human and procreate with humans.

esme has been having a kind of tip-of-the-tongue experience concerning selkies:  she is sure she has seen some long-ago movie, or read a book, or heard a tale concerning selkies.  whatever it was seems to have taken place in a mist and close to the sea.    there is the pull of the tides.  there is the presence of the ineffable.  there is a feeling of tragedy and longing.

esme just loves tragedy and longing.  in fact, she and mr. noir were listening to a bach cantata yesterday.  it was largely in a minor key, and repeatedly used the german word “schmertz” (or pain).  esme is a total sucker for this type of thing.  so you can see why selkies appeal to her.

anyway, as esme was discussing selkies at dinner, mr. noir whipped out his trusty ipod and tuned into a gorgeous ballad about that very subject sung by joan baez (in a minor key of course).  in this case, the selkie is a man.  he has a child with a human female, returns to the sea, and later comes back to claim his son.  check this out:

and if anyone recalls a movie with a selkie in it, please inform esme asap!

in longing and schmertz,




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