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when esme was in grade school she used to picture herself as an ocelot.  she still admires wild cats, and wouldn’t mind being reincarnated as one.  indeed, she wouldn’t mind having an ocicat (you know, those new designer kitties who are bred with wild cats?), but hunter would never stand for it.  so for now the best she can do is drape herself in a bit of faux fur.

for awhile esme used to imagine herself as an otter when she was having a particularly good day in the pool–small and sleek and darting through the water effortlessly.  however, she rather imagined that in reality, otters might smell a bit fishy and so she stopped short of actually wishing to be one.

esme did have a bit of a mermaid phase in her 40’s.  it started with a dress.  i can’t remember where she found it—somewhere in san francisco—but it was a simple sheath of stretch velvet in a vivid blue.  it came to her ankles and flared out a bit starting at the hip.  esme and mr. noir called it esme’s mermaid dress.  esme felt positively super-human in this dress, as though she could live in the sea and breath under-water!  sadly, the occasions for wearing the mermaid dress were few and far between.  i believe it finally went to the good-will when the noirs moved to carmel.  (ahh, if only i had kept it).

kind of (but not quite) like this

i wonder what it’ll be next?

your ex-mermaid,




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