by admin on November 6, 2011

esme will confess to you (as long as you don’t tell her fashion teacher) that the reason she was doing her  homework at the last minute the other day was that she and mr. noir had decided to make an impromptu trip to the bay area to taste white burgundies at vvw.  mr. noir has been bemoaning the fact that the wine cellar in their basement has become seriously depleted just in time for the holidays.  this is rather like having all one’s jeans splitting at the seams, or having not a single non-sagging bra, or….anyway, it constituted a vinicultural emergency!

while esme was certainly excited about the white burgundies, she was even more excited about visiting leaf and petal, the fab little shop right next door to the wine store.  that very day she had received an email announcing their big fall sale!  this in spite of the fact that she has been ruminating upon her tendency towards excessive shopping and contemplating the need for some sort of drastic action.

electric blue jbrand jeans

well, as soon as she spotted the SALE sign prominently displayed on a rack outside the shop, she put her worries aside.  goodness, there was lots of good stuff!  esme alternated between sipping wine and looking at clothes, and wished she had another few days to do both.  she found several items she wouldn’t mind having.

the first was a pair of electric blue jbrand jeans in just her size, marked 50% off and right in the front of the sale rack (see photo.)!  although esme has sworn off a. tight jeans and b. low-rise jeans, she couldn’t help trying these on.  in fact, she had tried on this very jean (at full price) in chicago in may, and considered purchasing them if only they’d been on-sale.  hmm…they looked quite cute.  however, what would one wear with bright blue jeans?  with esme’s coloring, she could only imagine white, although some people might look quite fetching with a lime-green t.  plus, they were not exactly loose.  so, she reluctantly put them aside and took a photo instead.  she images they are long gone by now.

next she tried on a little mesh frock in an animal print.  very cute.  comfy in fact.  not that expensive.  esme even showed the photo to mr. noir, who liked it.  but when and where would esme wear such a garment?  so she set that one aside too.

tempting animal print dress

it would make esme very happy if some of her readers (you know who you are) who really need clothes went to check out this sale.  and try the white burgundies while you’re at it!




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