by admin on November 7, 2011

hudson and company sweater display

esme was lured into a lovely little store in the crossroads the other day by a sign in the window advertising nydj jeans.  this store is called hudson and company, and is the only place around that carries equestrian attire.  it flies under the radar and esme was surprised to learn that they carry lots of attractive non-equestrian attire.  the crossroads, a tiny little shopping center, never ceases to amaze!

jane hudson, proprietor and saleswoman, was happy to sing the praises of an nydj style that esme had not seen before:  a non-jean-looking jean in black ponte knit, slim-cut and suitable for work (or blogging at home).  extremely flattering!  jane was happy to order a pair for esme in petit, and indeed will order whatever style or size you’d like.

some cozy-looking sweaters were displayed in front.  esme tried on a light gray one in an oversize style, and thought it would look quite good with the black jeans.  it’s gone on her wish-list.

there was even a rather riveting silver necklace and bracelet set displayed by the cash register. esme tried this on too—a nice way to dress up the sweater and jeans!

silver necklace

anyway, if you’ve been dying to try the nydj jeans or just want to check out an interesting shop, stop by hudson’s the next time you’re in the crossroads.  tell jane that esme sent you!

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