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me too!

esme has been pondering the subject of a fashion blog she read last week called MY YEAR WITHOUT SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES.  she found this blog through, who referred her to, who referred her to  you can imagine that esme read this blog with no little trepidation, and yet, how could she resist?

the blog is addressed to those who think they have become addicted to shopping.  indeed, if you sign up, you receive a quiz which will help you decide whether or not you are a shopping addict.  after obtaining her result, esme (being after all, a clinical psychologist by background) wondered if this quiz had been scientifically tested and validated.  when esme wrote her doctoral dissertation, part of it included a test that she constructed.  she realized that constructing a test by itself would have been ample subject for her research, as it is a complex and time-consuming process!  well anyway….

these days the addiction model is very fashionable.  and esme is sure that in many cases it is appropriate.  however, she enjoys her pleasures as much as the next person, and believes that it’s best not to pathologize something fun until it’s absolutely necessary.  i can assure you that mr. noir agrees (although he tends to accuse esme of being addicted to swimming).  esme has always been an advocate of moderation, and hopes to apply the principle of moderation to her shopping.

the author of proposes several approaches to dealing with shopping excess.  esme finds them quite intriguing.  here is a sample:

“In the 12 Keys to Conscious Shopping Free Report, our first strategy is to play around in your closet.………..What is this?  Simple – open up your closet and play around with different outfits you can create by mixing and matching existing pieces. Mix things that you have never put together before.  Try this with that.  Get creative!  Experiment!

How to do this?  Lay out 15 – 20 items on your bed, and start putting items together. One of the biggest obstacles we have when doing this is fear of making a mistake.  Know that there are more combinations possible in your wardrobe than you probably realise.

Why do this?  Most women wear 20 – 30% of their wardrobe.  This is an appalling waste!  What are the rest of their clothes doing in there?  Taking up space and making you feel bad every time you look at them, most likely.

When you know how to tap into the hidden mileage and magic that already exists in your wardrobe, you get so much better value for money out of your closet.”

now, shopping your closet is not an original idea, but it is a good one.  esme has been trying it lately, with good results.  in fact, it has lead her to the notion that she should really MAKE A WRITTEN INVENTORY of her clothes. if only she knew how to create one of those computer spreadsheet-thingies that every high school kid knows how to make these days, she could mix and match on her mac without hurting her back pawing through her actual closet!

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