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brown leggings with paprika sweater

the first step to shopping one’s closet is to organize one’s closet so one can see what one has.  and the first step in organizing is to get rid of things that are no longer useful.  esme can’t say she has completed either step, but she has made a start.

she has consigned, donated or stored clothes that are too small or that mr. noir has always hated (!).  she has blouses on one rod,  pants/skirts on another, and blazers on a third.  her jeans and t’s are rather stuffed into her drawers, but have more  breathing room than before.

so, when dressing for her class, or to go out in the evening, instead of grabbing her black pants, gray tops, black/gray sweaters, she does a survey of her closet.  she recently bought some very comfy black-and-brown reiker shoes on sale.  this has inspired her to seek out a few brown items in her closet.  esme is not usually a brown person, but she has collected some rather nice brown items over the years.  however, they rarely get worn, as esme often can’t figure out what to wear them with.

a couple of chance findings helped her overcome this hurdle, and bring her browns to life.  one was the purchase of the brown/black shoes, and the knowledge that these days it’s fine to mix one’s blacks with one’s browns.  the other was a sportshopping afternoon at stephan cori, during which esme tried on a fetching dress in browns and blues.  she would not have thought of putting these colors together, but when she returned home she realized she had a lovely chocolate brown blanque outfit (bought some years ago from the 50% off rack at pacific rim), as well as a blue mesh hanky panky shirt (also from pacific rim). with a nude camisole underneath the two looked quite fab together.  esme added some brown taryn rose shoes (purchased ages ago at huge discount from a consignment store), and voila: an outfit that felt like new!  mr. noir approved.

brown and blue

esme also discovered some brown velvet leggings hiding in her drawer.  tired of the constrictingness (is that a word?) of jeans, she decided to wear these to her fashion class topped with a paprika sweater from a long-defunct boutique. she added a pair of reiker shoes in black and orange.  although she would have preferred that the sweater be 4 inches longer to cover her behind, she received compliments on the outfit, including one from mr. noir, who opined that her butt looked “cute”.  oh my…esme nearly swooned with pleasure:  you know how hard mr. noir is to please when it comes to clothes!

can one derive a principle of closet shopping from these examples?  esme wishes she could articulate one, but is somewhat at a loss.  perhaps the lesson is to fish out little-used but valued items, and try them with other items.  one benefit of excess shopping is that one accumulates a lot of stuff, some of which can be matched with other stuff to create something wonderful!

happy in browns,



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