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comfort clothes

go with the flow

another intriguing idea from the blog my year without clothes shopping is the notion of focusing one’s shopping (whether in-store or in-closet) by developing a signature look.  think about this, readers.  what makes your look unique?  or, what sort of signature would you like to have if you don’t have one currently?  (hmm…well, the latter might involve a fair amount of actual shopping!)

esme was initially stumped by this one.  perhaps her short, uncolored hair might be a signature (but this doesn’t help much with shopping).  although, come to think of it, esme has started looking good in all sorts of grays as her hair gets grayer.  her glasses are pretty striking, but she is still hoping not to have to wear them daily.  well, i know this doesn’t sound great, but certainly one of esme’s signature looks might be described as “small person in voluminous clothing.”  now we are getting somewhere.  this could describe at least 50% of esme’s pants, and a number of her tops.  regular readers know how esme loves clothes that move and float.

however, not all of esme’s looks are voluminous.  her recent daily attire has consisted of fitted jeans, with either fitted or more voluminous t’s.  what really describes esme’s aesthetic is comfort clothes.  however, this is not (at least one hopes) a LOOK but a FEEL.  fabrics must be soft, have a bit of stretch if fitted, non-itchy, and sensuous.  fit absolutely can’t be binding, squishing or constricting!  shoes must have a wide toe-box, and seams that don’t rub the foot.  heels, unfortunately, are out of the question, but rubbery platforms (as in the alegria shoes) may work.  certainly, these principles have been guiding esme’s shopping for years, and woe to her if she decides to disobey them!

the writer of myyearwithoutshoppingforclothes, jill chivers, made animal prints her signature style.  if you check out her blog, you will see that she uses one or two animal-print pieces with great charm.  what about you?  thoughts on a signature style?

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