by admin on November 11, 2011

esme is quite sure that this is not a highly recommended technique for someone trying to cut down on spending.  it certainly exposes one to a great deal of temptation.  however, it’s a ploy that esme can’t resist at the moment;  after all, she has to have something to BLOG about!

mr. noir and i used to do this kind of thing weekly with real estate.  we just love looking at houses, even though we don’t need/can’t afford another one.  some real estate agents are all for this (after all, who knows whom one might know), while others look askance.  same with shop keepers.  esme tries re-hang the clothes she tries on whenever possible, and often finds herself helping sell (or at least she hopes she’s helping) items to real customers.

french shrug at stephan cori

in any case, there seem to be a lot of very tempting clothes out there this fall.  stephanie, owner of and buyer for stephan cori,  said the clothes were all so beautiful this fall that it was hard for her to choose among them.  she showed a fetching little line of french clothing, the name of which has fallen out of esme’s mind.  you must stop in the store and check it out, and esme will come up with the name for those of you who are out of town.

pacific rim (esme just had to peek in on her way back from buying a bottle of champagne at the store across the street) also had lots of charming clothes.  a line called something like “comfort clothes” especially appealed to esme.  there was even a lovely blanque outfit on the sale-rack, but sadly it really was meant for someone a bit taller and larger than esme.

comfort clothes at pacific rim

esme employed her “possess by taking a photo” technique in both stores.  and for anyone who actually needs clothes, do get out there and shop!  it’s a feast for the eye and hand!

exercising restraint,



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