by admin on November 12, 2011

esme dressed as roz

if you have ever wondered what esme’s sister roz looks like, here is your chance.  nope, esme does not have a photo of roz (rats!) but she does have a photo of herself looking quite remarkably roz-like.

esme has continued to shop her closet while at the same time adding important pieces to complement existing outfits.  one such piece was the jjill skirt that esme learned about from roz.  the skirt came in the mail yesterday.  esme tried it on with several combo’s hiding in her closet, finally settling on a very ancient black cotton armani t-shirt, a vesty-thingey from sylvie by yoshi yoshi, and a pair of dkny black boots.  imagine mr. noir’s surprise when esme emerged from the bedroom and mr. noir imagined for a moment that he had accidentally married the other sister!

granted, roz has a halo of neck-length, fine, curly hair (also with a touch of gray), and a lovely heart-shaped face.  while the jjil skirt is a maxi on esme, on roz it’s a midi.  nevertheless, considering that roz and esme would not normally be mistaken for each other on the street, the transformation sheerly by virtue of clothing was remarkable.

yoshi yoshi and armani (and esme needs a haircut!)

any more sisters hiding in my closet??



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