by admin on November 13, 2011

jbrand jeans and michael stars shrug

another trip to palo alto (gotta taste champagne this time of year), another peek into leaf and petal.  esme had assumed that the items she tried on a few weeks ago would be long gone, but……lo and behold they were still there, and not only that, the electric blue jbrand jeans had been reduced again!  if that isn’t a sign, i don’t know what is.

however, esme has been reading about “orphans” on her various blogs.  an orphan is a piece of clothing that just doesn’t go with anything else (mr. noir has warned me against these for years) and tends to end up in the thrift shop.  big sales are dangerous places, and probably responsible for many orphan acquisitions in esme’s history.

so…..she consulted first the salesperson:  what could one wear with these?  gray, black, cream.  did you say gray??  why esme has TONS of gray!  while she was at it , she plucked a charming gray shrug from the rack, just to see.  not too shabby…and the shrug would go with lots of the gray pants lurking in her closet.  as it happened, another wine-tasting couple was also shopping at leaf and petal.  esme has seen the woman many times over the years and always admired her stylish look.  so esme took the opportunity to get his-and-her opinions on the jeans and sweater:  immediate thumbs up.  in fact, the she had been admiring the sweater but opined that it looked better on esme.

oh dear.  well, esme had to search around a bit to see if her animal print dress was still there.  sure enough it was, although not further reduced.  a try-on revealed it to be a no-brainer, although the problem (as always with dresses) will be what shoes to wear with it.  a kind of taupish-rose colored lace shirt grabbed on a whim was quite flattering with the gray equestrian pants esme was wearing, and not at all expensive. esme moved fast, before the bubbles in her champagne wore off.

she must admit to some obsessional post-shopping ruminations on the way home, but the jeans and sweater are about to get a trial run.  definitely not voluminous.  must think of an alternate “signature look”.

shopping away,



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