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electric blue

mr. noir is worried that esme’s electric blue jeans will become orphans.  it could happen.  however, esme is here to tell you that she wore said jeans (with, what else?, her black GAP favorite t) and every time she looked down at them she felt…..cheerful!  amazing what a spot of color in an otherwise gray-and-black wardrobe can do!  mr. noir did NOT approve of this but….they also looked quite striking with esme’s faux fur shrug (a kind of really fake-looking but really soft bluish-gray thing with a black-and-white polka dot lining).

speaking of faux fur….esme has been reading away at her various blogs.  one blog seems to lead to another and another and another, and before you know it you feel like you know stuff!!  anyway, one was concerned the question “can one wear fur?”.  esme loves fur on real animals and is a sucker for softness, so she read this with interest.  turns out, YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WEAR FUR UNDER ANY CIRCUMCISIONS…oops, make that CIRCUMSTANCES!  esme gathers that the practices involved in raising and killing animals for their fur are still horrific.  the site she visited recommended a video, which (thanks god) esme didn’t watch. but the descriptions alone were enough to make esme feel faint, and the memory of them still makes her feel like she’d like to throw up.  i won’t torture you with these….but….don’t do it!  faux fur is pretty cool.

and if esme has her way we will soon be harvesting (wasted) fur from dog-groomers and making it into nifty garments.  image a creamy little bichon frisee shrug,  a snuggly golden retriever sweater, a smooth fox-terrier scarf!!  the possibilities are endless, and it’s so ecological it’s a joke…i mean, they throw this stuff away!!  birds need only so much dog-fur for their nests.

opposed to suffering in all ways, shapes and forms,


dog fur sweaters


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