by admin on November 18, 2011

mrs. green jeans

esme was a bit worried that she was past-trend when she purchased her cobalt blue jeans.  however, come to find out she’s right on the mark!  an article in our local paper puts it this way:  “the big news this season is COLOR and, in a surprising twist, pants are getting doused in it.”

no wonder esme has been receiving compliments galore when she has worn these jeans, as well as (i’m not kidding) looks from the males of the species.  even hunter has sniffed them thoroughly, and mr. noir has come around.  esme was beyond thrilled when the substitute teacher for her fashion class, a woman with a personal shopping and image consulting business, inquired as to the provenance of the said jeans.

for those of you who were unable to find jbrand cobalt blue jeans at leaf and petal (which is everyone, as esme bought the last pair), esme has learned that joe’s jeans has added 50 new colors to their fall collection, and GAP has the basic electric blues, kelly greens and watermelon pink.

GAP jeans

when it comes to tops, esme has been sticking with black while experimenting with gray and pink.  she’s been on a bit of a quest for just the right charcoal gray turtle neck that might go with her jeans, as well as with her gray wool harem pants.

as we used to say in the old collegiate days, GO BLUE!


go blue



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