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gown by atelier de la mer

here we are in our newly named atelier (courtesy of guess who?).  esme was extra-thrilled when her colleagues gave a unanimous thumbs up to the francophone name.  esme may not know how to sew, but she is good at having ideas (if she does say so herself)!

we have purchased material.  we have sketched a design.  and now our intrepid seamstress, after draping the gown on our model, has gone to work ripping, nipping and snipping!

esme was quite envious when she noticed that our seamstress has a little seam-ripper thing exactly like the one that esme used to have.  esme acquired this implement in 7th grad sewing class (remember when sewing and home ec. were required for all middle school girls?).  she kept it in her underwear drawer for over 40 years and for some reason was quite attached to it.  mr. noir came to see it’s virtues when he used it to remove buttons that were about to fall off.  but over the last year the seam-ripper has absolutely vanished!  i’m sure this is unfair, but this is one of those instances where esme can’t help but blame mr. noir.

seam ripper

well anyway, just look how lovely our model looks in our gown!!  we have added an asymmetrical hem, echoed by a one-shoulder bodice.  the back zipper has been removed (omg, how brave) and is about to be made into a side-zipper.  we are tossing about ideas for make-up and accessories.  in the meantime, esme has noticed that mermaid gowns are all over fashion magazines and utube videos.  i think we are onto something here!

hey, we even have a shop cat.  she’s a dainty but fecund siamese named jasmine who was adopted after having produced several litters.  esme supposes that this accounts for a bit of a sag in her tummy.  do they make spanx for kitties?  or perhaps she should come to the gym and take a frightening-sounding class called “ab attack”!

shop cat

a demain,



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