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taryn rose is back!  at least that is the word on the street.  esme hadn’t realized that taryn rose had been gone, but i suppose she must have been.  for those of you not in the know, taryn rose is an orthopedic surgeon who decided to design shoes.  her shoes are beautiful, good for the feet, and really expensive.  esme was thrilled to find a pair at a consignment store several years ago, and has been wishing she could afford another pair ever since.

well, a quick survey of lloyd’s shoes on ocean ave. (you must go there if you visit carmel from out of town, and locals have an obligation to stop in every few months), revealed a nice collection of taryn rose shoes.  the salesperson explained that, because the shoes are made in china (not in italy as before), they go for about half the price of the originals.  esme was at once thrilled and horrified, especially after learning in her fashion class all about the dire economic (and quality) sequelae of apparel manufacturing outsourcing.

however, esme couldn’t resist slipping on a pair of the new taryn rose’s.  as it turned out, lloyd’s was sold out of her size in the one she liked, so she was forced to try on a related brand called thierry rabotin.  the latter are even more pricey than the old taryn rose’s, but the designs are similar.  the ones esme tried came in a riveting but subtle leopard print that would go with EVERYTHING, and boy were they comfortable!  oh dear oh dear……

even though it is her birthday month, esme could not justify the expense of the thierry rabotins, and she’s never seen them on sale.  very few stores carry them (arthur beren in s.f. is one).   however, she did not feel any guilt about checking for the taryn rose’s on zappos, given that the brick-and-mortar store did not carry her size.  score!!! zappos had several new taryn rose’s, including one in leopard print!  esme ordered up a pair in a shimmery black fabric and couldn’t wait for them to arrive!

the very next day, zzzzzzap!  les chaussures sont arrivees!  mr noir was a bit aghast at the price, but had to admit that they were gorgeous.  however, esme began to obsess about the right foot.  she could not help but admit to herself that, while the left foot felt perfect, the right foot felt….mmm….just a hair tight.  a shoe like this should be perfect.  so she decided to do something she’d never quite had the courage to do before:  she ordered the next size up, and hoped to compare.

well, zzzzzzap! encore!!!  both pairs were so beautifully packaged that one hesitated even to open them.  however, the intrepid esme forged ahead and tried on the bigger pair.  omg, now these were comfy!!!  esme has been congratulating herself on her judgment while still not daring to wear the shoes outdoors.  she plans to keep both pairs for a few days just to make sure.

as to quality, esme’s eye and hand could detect no difference between her old taryn rose’s and her new ones.  i suppose time will tell.  in the meantime, esme is just enjoying the smell of the roses!

new and old taryn rose

sniffing my shoes,




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