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p.j. detail

perhaps you have deduced that esme has had a serious shopping “slip” this month.  well, it’s true.  however, she has an excuse…no, 2 excuses…..no, actually 3!  would you like to hear them?  (are you listening, mr. noir??).  #1:  it is esme’s birthday month.  don’t you think that (almost) anything goes during one’s birthday month?  #2:  fall/winter clothes are esme’s FAVORITES.  #3.  there exist a few categories of apparel that esme could say she actually NEEDS.

still not convinced?  well, you’ve got to give esme credit for trying!  and, you would not believe the stuff that she has passed up.  to name just a few of the lovely pieces that esme did NOT  buy:  a terrific pair of black motorcycle boots by gentle souls (at shu in del monte center if you’re interested); several cream sweaters at banana republic that would go with many things in esme’s closet;  a multitude of asymmetrical gray tops at zibah in the barnyard (check them out if you need one); several pairs of on-sale shoes at lloyds (taupe ballet flats, black sandals, icon clogs).

as to what esme DID buy….some items have been discussed in earlier blogs (see these jeans… and a rose is a rose).  really, now that i think of it, the weekend’s haul was quite modest:  2 (on sale) pairs of p.j,’s, a sleepshirt, and 2 cami’s from soma.  these are things that esme could really use, as her sleepwear is in a state of advanced disrepair.

have you ever noticed how difficult it is to find just the right thing to sleep in?  esme likes a soft gown with long sleeves (mr. noir insists upon keeping the window open at night).  she just loved a couple she had found a few years ago at soma.  made of bamboo and spandex, they had little hoods and came in great colors.  they don’t carry anything like that this season, but esme did manage to find some p.j.’s from last season in similar fabric.  she test-slept one of them last night and is here to tell you that it is an unqualified success!!  in addition, she couldn’t resist a cheetah-print sleep-shirt:  she hopes it will make her feel like an animal in bed!

cheetah sleepshirt

le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait pas,



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