by admin on November 22, 2011

female forms

from oprah to vogue to the latest in fashion bloggers, fashion analysts these days almost always pen an article about how to match your clothes to your shape.  this is a particularly popular approach when it comes to buying jeans.  most writers categorize women’s shape thus: (fruits)– you have your pears and your apples; (geometric shapes)–your rectangles and your inverted triangles; and last but not least, your curvies.

esme has been intrigued with these categories.  the problem is, she struggles to figure out where she fits in.  perhaps you have the same problem.  ok, she is quite sure she is neither a pear nor a rectangle.  she rather imagines that if she let herself go she might turn into an apple but she can’t say she’s one now.  so what does that leave?  her latest calculation attempts to merge the categories to produce a sort of hybrid:  perhaps if you mated a curvy with an inverted triangle you’d get…..esme???

as you can imagine, i don’t relay on the shape categories when i go shopping for jeans.  instead, i have to use the mirror and my own skin.  typically, jeans labeled “straight leg” are most attractive and comfy–perhaps these are best for a “curvy triangle”??

still defying categorization,



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