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kedem sasson

esme has developed a little inner voice that speaks to her as she shops.  although the voice has some resemblance to mr. noir’s, i can’t say it’s mr. noir himself.  perhaps it includes the voices of some of the bloggers i’ve been reading (thank you ladies), as well as my fashion teachers.

here’s how it sounds.  esme is looking covetously at a pair of black mid-calf boots with lug soles and buckles.  her inner voice opines:  no esme, you’ve already got a pair of black ankle boots with buckles and a pair of knee-high flat black boots which you rarely wear….you don’t need another pair of black boots!  rats. (hey, but i don’t have any mid-calf boots, do i??)

and, esme is totally in love with a kedem sasson outfit she has seen at marita’s in p.g.  it’s in a sheer black fabric with little off-white square polka-dots and is quite voluminous and flowing.  esme tries on the top.  killer, but…..her inner voice says:  esme, that is really too big for you.  it’s meant for someone either taller or bigger or both.  yes, the fabric is beautiful, and it would be fab if you could shrink it a few sizes, but….dagnabbit!!  it is at times like this that esme regrets her small stature.  she is, on the other hand, really attempting not to purchase things that are too big, even if they are on sale (which this was not).

on a fabulous gray tiered skirt on-sale at sylvie that esme received lots of oohs and aahs on when she modeled it (help, grammarians!):  esme, when do you ever wear skirts?  and this one, though lovely, is quite pricey even on-sale.  yes, it’s a shame to pass it up, but you really don’t have the life-style to support it.  awwwwwww.   back on the rack it goes.

tiered skirt

why just this week, esme’s inner voice has saved her hundreds of dollars!  and it’s actually a rather nice voice—not punitive, just reasonable….a kind of imaginary personal shopper!

anyone else have one of these voices?





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