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red socks

esme had a delightful thanksgiving!  christophe was home.  roz and her family visited.  esme and mr. noir cooked a turkey (mr. noir made a killer sausage-cornbread stuffing) which turned out to be delicious despite all odds.

to top it off, roz and esme’s nephew were game for a shopping trip the next day.  roz just had to check out the sale at sylvie.  her son (an artist and art student) was drawn into khaki’s, and then was gracious enough to join esme and his mom at sylvie to apply his trained eye to the merch.  you should have seen sylvie’s mouth drop open when esme introduced her nephew, who is a good 16 inches taller than esme and slim as a sapling.  if you look closely, we all have the family profile, but that’s not the first thing one notices!

roz tried on a number of fetching outfits, including a fabulous lbd that turned out to be a bit small for her and a bit big for esme—such a pity, although the misfit saved them both a pile of cash.  esme was tempted by a vesty-thing that was quite reasonable (at least in price) but stood by her vow not to buy any more of these un-namable garments (at least for now).

just as they were about to leave, roz spotted a long black jacket in incredibly soft wool that seemed to have possibilites.  oh my….all agreed that it looked smashing!  esme opined that the garment was quite slimming, while her nephew (bless his skinny little heart) stated firmly that he “did not believe in slimming”;  however, he approved of the jacket’s lines.

esme was so taken with the notion of a man with such a freeing belief that she was tempted to turn around right then and there amongst the crowd of shoppers and give him a big hug (her nose reaches about to his belly-button), but she refrained.  ever since then, she has been clasping the phrase, “i don’t believe in slimming”, to her heart.  perhaps we all need (gigantic) t-shirts with this slogan!

in any case, roz had to be persuaded to bring the jacket home but eventually agreed.  esme just knows she will love it.  in fact, esme would not mind having one herself!

esme’s nephew made a great find too.  he had been on a quest for some red cashmere socks:  he’d seen a photo in the sartorialist of a man wearing just such socks with (i believe) black wingtips and rolled up jeans(?).  we found some hiding in a corner of the sock shop.  he was pleased as punch, and he and esme took several photos before they caught just the right pose that showed said socks to best advantage!

here’s to red socks on black friday,





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