by admin on November 27, 2011

beautiful pear

if anyone out there has ever had any doubt that the pear-shaped body can be beautiful, this photo should set you straight (or perhaps i should say set you curved!)  this is a photo of a photo of a photo that appeared in the december issue of ELLE (p. 128).  the photograph was taken in 1988 by jean pigozzi, described in ELLE as “a cultural soothsayer.”  it features the model tierney gearson “shooting a…nude while she too is nude, as was her habit.”  the fabulous pear-shaped woman is anonymous.

esme would say that this woman is a bosc pear.  pears are in season at the moment, and esme had one the other day that was absolutely delicious!  make sure they are just starting to be soft to the touch, and consume at the moment before mushiness.

bosc pear




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