FASHION AND THE SEA or (i told you so!)

by admin on November 28, 2011

december VOGUE

esme just loves her fashion magazines!  especially when they write about something that has been on esme’s mind, revealing her to be prescient!  take this statement from anna wintour, editor-in-chief of VOGUE:

“Despite my many years of editing VOGUE, I am pleased to say I can still be surprised by the ideas that the magazine’s editors come up with….Take, for instance, this month’s cover star, Charlize Theron….. stylist Camilla Nickerson and I were discussing how she and Annie Leibovitz should photograph her, and Camilla had only one thing to say:  ‘I see the sea.’  Although this pronouncement was somewhat gnomic (?!), I happily went along with it.  After all, I’ve learned from past experience that if Camilla is seeing the sea, we’re all likely to be taking in the ocean view before long.” (dec. VOGUE, p. 92)

well, really, ms. winatour could have saved herself a lot of trouble if she’d just listened to esme.  wasn’t it esme’s atelier that came up with a mermaid theme for their gown?  and isn’t their label called atelier de la mer???  if you’ve had any doubt that esme has her finger on fashion’s pulse, you can set that doubt aside right now!  ha!

the deeper question, however, is why? and why now?  esme believes that the sea, rather like winter’s animal themes, harkens back to a primordial sensibility–our amniotic beginnings—as well as our desire for a return to nature.  images show a woman emerging from the sea—half in and half out, half fish and half human–spanning the boundary between water and land.  this is the geography of transformation, of baptism if you will.  magic is in the air, and we are all hoping to emerge cleansed…reborn.

on that note, i think it’s time for a swim!

your delphic oracle,



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