by admin on November 29, 2011

colorful jeans

the paparazzi have been following esme everywhere, inquiring about where she found her electric blue jeans.  everyone wants a pair!  well, i exaggerate a bit!  but i have received lots of inquiries.  so it seems only right to do a little research to let you know where to look if you are among those coveting esme’s jeans.

esme herself found her jbrand electric blue jeans at leaf and petal in palo alto.  however, they were the last pair, and marked 50%off.  esme believes that this particular jean is from last season, and thus difficult to lay hands on.  esme found one pair (on sale!) on-line (size 24) on the saks fifth avenue web-site.  they are called mid-rise skinny jeans in bright blue.  she also found a full range of sizes (full-price) on the barney’s website.

looks like jbrand’s winter colors include bright red and riviera blue (a lovely color that looks almost teal), and winter cuts include hi-rises.  you can find these at nordstrom or saks.

if you want to branch out to other brands, the world is your oyster!  joe’s jeans, for instance, show up on zappos in a panoply of bright colors.  in fact, zappos carries brands too numerous to list, including bright blue pairs by paige and ag.  of course, check nordstrom and saks.  even macy’s carries quite a few colorful jeans, including a calvin klein jean legging in bright blue!

well, how’s that for research?  let me know if you find just the right pair!

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