by admin on November 30, 2011

debra c. capesuch a typical carmel phenomenon—a fashion show with dogs and their people in matching outfits!  in the ’60’s it was mother-daughter dresssing.  now it’s mothers and their adopted canines!  this show was held at the crossroads shopping center to benefit an animal rescue organization, and to show-case 2 shops:  debra c., and ericka engleman couture.

esme did not take her canine, as he doesn’t do well in crowds.  however, when she showed her iphone photo of him to a friend, she agreed that esme and hunter quite resembled each other in coloring and profile!  image hunter in a little pair of harem pants (or not).

ericka engleman silks


esme’s photos, taken on the hoof, do not quite do justice to the outfits.  the dog-outfits  were especially difficult to capture due to the unceasing activity of their wearers.

debra c. had some lovely wool capes that swished and swirled, while ericka engleman had constructed fabulous pieces in colorful silks.  what esme really coveted, however, was a little dog-cape by ericka.  she did not want it so much for hunter (it would have been too small for him anyway) as for herself.  look at this fabulous black-and-white plaid number with a faux feather trim!  hmmm….a human in a dog-cape with bird-trim…….

i want this cape!

you gotta love cross-species dressing!



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