by admin on December 1, 2011

be comfy

and i don’t mean the turkey, although ours came out quite delicious. she was stuffed with a sausage-cornbread concoction assembled by mr. noir, and her breast was modestly covered in tin-foil at the suggestion of a friend.  as is traditional, mr. noir and esme both ate too much turkey and stuffing, not to speak of from-scratch pumpkin and apple pies authored by the renowned pie expert, roz.  mr. noir, in the spirit of the times, suggested the topic of this blog.

esme believes there are 2 approaches to the issue of dressing for the stuffed.  and they stem from vastly different philosophies.  the first approach is the one that you might expect:  this is the time to search your closet and drawers for those oversized  garments (don’t you wish you had bought that kedem sasson outfit after all?), flowing tops, elastic waist pants that seem a bit too big the rest of the year.  go for comfort, don’t flagellate yourself, get out that NO SLIMMING CLOTHES t-shirt and wear it proudly over your protruding stomach!

the other approach is a bit masochistic.  put on your best skinny jeans.  don the t-shirt that shows your back-fat.  weigh yourself the next morning.  look reality right in the eye.  soon you’ll be swimming some extra laps, and passing over the left-over desserts.  you may feel fat, but you will also feel courageous.  who knows?  perhaps you’ll even like the way you look with a few extra pounds.  uhh……i suppose you can guess which approach esme favors………

confront reality


how about you, readers?

still stuffed,




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