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what's missing here?

esme belongs to 2 book groups—de rigeur for a woman of her socioeconomic position.  in fact, she has learned that even the young (for instance, esme’s fashion teacher) are joining book groups these days.

anyway, esme’s first book group (hereafter referred to as book group 1) is a serious, even scholarly group of women who make carefully researched presentations each month that could pass for college lectures.  not that we don’t kick up our heels now and then, but……

esme’s book group 2, on the other hand, is a rather rag-tag bunch of reprobates which includes several characters who do not hesitate to speak their minds.  at first esme was rather taken aback by this mix, but now she enjoys it thoroughly.  perhaps you can guess to which group the title of this post refers!

it started like this.  esme was wearing a new blouse that she had found on-sale at leaf and petal.  a kind of pinkish taupe in color, it was made of stretch lace, and quite fitted.  in fact, some might have argued that the middle button was pulling just a tad!  under it she wore her an old but serviceable banana republic cami, and some dark brown equestrian pants.

now that esme  is a fashion blogger, she finds it important to keep up her appearance:  people actually look to her for inspiration, and scrutinize her outfits in a way that they never did before.  in fact, she felt quite good in this outift–comfortable, feminine, and pleased with her mix of old and new.

but when are we going to get to the breasts, you might be wondering?  well, esme was chatting away (about bra-fitting as it turned out) when in comes one of our more outspoken members.  esme, she boomed, i didn’t know you had breasts!  esme, her happy feeling about her outfit confirmed, did not miss a beat.  rather matter of factly she replied, oh yes, and i get a lot of compliments on them these days.  esme was quite surprised when, after a moment of open-mouthed surprise, the other member burst into a loud guffaw.  did you hear what esme said? what is that acronym?  uhh, fdl, lol?   could esme have managed to shock the unshockable?

esme could just hear her grandmother rolling over in her grave.  esme’s grandmother did not believe in “boasting on yourself”!  the truth is, esme was just stating a fact, and hadn’t really intended to boast, but she doubted her grandmother would have seen it that way!

let me explain.  these compliments don’t come from men (why that would be completely inappropriate!).  rather they tend to occur in the gym locker-room whilst esme is parading around sans clothes, putting on her lotion, or drying her hair or some other such activity.  unlike some of you, esme enjoys wandering around in the nude, believing air on the skin to be healthful, and finds that this is one of her few opportunities.  some seem to find this eccentric, but esme has found memories of her own mother (who, as you may recall had 4 daughters) wandering around naked in the house on a warm day.

so, does esme need to start a collection of fitted blouses?  will a bra-shopping expedition be in the offing?  all i can say is, i had no idea this post would be so long, so, so long for now!



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