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inside out jeans

as you may recall, jeans and a black gap favorite t have been esme’s go-to daily uniform for years, if not decades.  esme can’t recall when she first started wearing jeans, but that in itself tells you that it was long enough ago to be lost in the fog of memory.  at the same time, choosing just the right pair of jeans has always been a struggle right up there with finding a swimming suit or a bra.  the problem being, naturally, that the jeans need to look great and also be completely comfortable for all-day wearing.

i’m sure many of you have a similar struggle, although there appear to be women who can don a pair of close-fitting, sexy jeans, wear them for 14 hours, and not give it a second thought.  esme, by contrast, recalls buying a super sexy pair of corduroy jeans when she was in her early 20’s, excitedly pulling them on, and wearing them for about an hour before deciding that she would go completely nuts if she kept them on for one more minute!

so, it has occurred to esme that perhaps the problem all these many years has been that she is not really a jeans person after all!  omg!  renouncing jeans would be a bit like renouncing wine—that is, almost unimaginable! what, you might ask, has inspired this train of thought?  well, as tends to happen every 6 months or so, esme began finding that after several hours wearing her favorite nydj jeans, she was wishing to take them off.  is it the 2 pounds she keeps gaining and losing?  did she accidentally put the jeans in the dryer?  has she shrunk yet another quarter inch so that everything trends downward and outward?

normally, these thoughts would inspire a dedicated new jeans quest.  this time, however, esme took time to pause and contemplate rather than go into automatic shopping mode.

esme had the pleasure of hanging out with her sister roz for an afternoon.  not only does roz not wear jeans, but she does not wear pants at all!  instead she wears simple knit skirts to about mid-calf, with bare legs in summer and tights in winter.  could this be the solution?

but incident that tipped the scale was this.  esme’s substitute fashion teacher (a person of about esme’s vintage with a long history in the fashion industry) noted in passing that she had never worn jeans.  she mentioned that she just couldn’t stand “that bulky seam in the crotch!”  this is when esme had an aha moment:  that’s it!  the seam in the crotch!  all these years esme has been fighting with that seam and didn’t realize it!  she thought it was something wrong with her anatomy (or her mentality)!  she thought perhaps she was wearing the wrong jean!  she blamed herself for being too sensitive!  and all because she knew nothing about tailoring!

now she has a research project.  can she find something that looks like a pair of jeans, but minus the thick inner seam?  and if she does find such a pair, will it be the answer?  and what about all the gazillions of jeans she has spent gazillions of dollars on all these years?

check back to find the answer to these and other pressing questions!



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