by admin on December 4, 2011

hip people in jeans

lots!  first of all, all the hip people wear them—check your fashion magazines, your society pages….think of the dearly departed steve jobs.  the right pair of jeans looks great on lots of folks (including esme). they can be dressed up (with heels and a blazer) or dressed down (with sandals and a tank top).  almost any shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket looks good with a nice pair of dark denim jeans.  they even look good with those hard-to-name vesty-thingies that esme tends to buy because she was wearing jeans when she tried them on!

secondly, jeans are sturdy and virtually indestructible.  if you are caring for a child or walking a dog, doing housework or gardening, sitting on a bench in the park or shopping ’til you drop, they are the perfect garment.   they don’t attract fur, show dirt, or need to be dry-cleaned.  most detritus just brushes right off until time for the next spin through the washer.

dog-walkers in jeans

thirdly, esme loves the look and feel of denim (THE classic american fabric).  it comes in almost infinite washes and textures.  it can feel protective or supple, hardy or soft.  with the addition of stretch, it can accommodate a large dinner or an over-develped thigh muscle.  and let’s not even get started on styles!  in fact, one of the problems with jeans is that they come in so many permutations that finding just the right one can take months of trial and error!

omg, esme is beginning to feel very sad.  could she really forsake her jeans?  esme will confess that she made a small excursion into coldwater creek yesterday to see if they carried knit jeans with a less prominent seam in the rise.  they did, but the jeans were not right for esme.




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