by admin on December 6, 2011

running away

esme has been emailing back and forth with her sister roz regarding the pluses and minuses of jeans vs. skirts.  here is part of what roz had to say on the subject:  “I was amused by your posts about jeans.  They are great for all the reasons you mention, but I don’t look good in them and I have never found them comfortable.  Not just the thick crotch seam, but the waistband, the binding in thigh and knee, etc.  Skirts are just so much more comfy.”

esme can totally see her point.  however, this made her realize another strong point of jeans:  they have a PROTECTIVE quality.  for instance, let’s say you were being pursued by a bad guy.  you might have to run through bushes, jump over fences, scramble through drain-pipes (does this remind you of dog agility trials perhaps?).  under these circumstances, esme would surely prefer to be wearing jeans rather than skirts or trousers.

and think of rapists:  jeans make one a lot harder to access (rather like a good lock or a functioning alarm system).  jeans as chastity belt??  or imagine roughing it after an earthquake, tsunami, or other natural disaster.  jeans protect your legs from mosquito bites, cold, bumps and bruises, dog-bites, raccoon bites, dust and dirt.  you would think that pioneer women would have worn jeans, but they did not.

esme has a strange tendency to feel VULNERABLE when wearing skirts.  it’s the flip side of the lovely sense of airiness, even femininity.  trousers, a bit less…and yet, they are not jeans!

what has been your experience, dear readers?  esme would love to find out!




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