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do little girls still read the marvelous swedish tales of pippi longstockings?  this was one of esme’s favorite books when she was small.  pippi is a dashing red-headed girl whose mother is deceased and whose father is a sea-captain.  the father is absent for months at a time, during which pippi takes care of herself. she is pictured wearing long striped stockings.

well, crazy socks, stockings, knee-socks and the like seem to be all the rage.  the other day esme encountered a woman wearing the cutest knee-socks.  they were polka-dotted on the bottom, with a band of larger polka dots at the top.  the woman was wearing them over black tights with shorts, and looked quite fetching.  upon inquiry, esme learned that the provenance of the socks was, of all places, marshall’s.

knee socks

it so happened that the very next day, esme was stuck at the car dealership for a service that lasted several hours longer than anticipated.  rather than moping around feeling increasingly agitated, she took the dealership up on it’s offer to drop her off at the nearby shopping center.   her local knowledge told her that this shopping center contained a serviceable marshall’s.   sure enough, after exhausting herself perusing shoes, belts, sweaters, sleepwear, and household items, esme came upon the sock section.  voila!!  the polka-dotted socks were still there!

esme plans to wear her pippi longstockings under her j.jill skirt, perhaps with various jeans, and under her collection of black and gray slouchy trousers.  she probably won’t actually be showing her knees, as they are not her finest feature.  however, she looks forward to having a bit of excitement at the ankles and a bit of whimsey about the calves.

getting a leg up,



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