by admin on December 10, 2011

personality trumps all

as long as esme was on a roll, drawing out mr. noir on the subject of what men look at (for?) in a woman, she figured she’d ask a few more questions.  it is not often that mr. noir becomes voluble!

after ascertaining that men look at a woman’s clothes essentially to imagine taking them off….or perhaps we could say that they look THROUGH the clothes rather than AT them, esme could only wonder what men think about other topics of intense feminine interest.

wrinkles, for instance.  what do guys think about wrinkles?  mr. noir did not have quite such an elaborate set of musings on this subject.  well, he said, wrinkles denote age.  as for himself, he allowed that as he gets older, he is attracted to more “age appropriate” women.  never mind that his spouse is 9 years younger!  we’ll just let that one go for now.  (in any case, esme certainly has plenty of wrinkles!)  mr. noir has friends who are really put off by wrinkles (i.e. by age) and will only date considerably younger women.  esme had to wonder what the unconscious effect of a woman’s declining hormones has on her attractiveness to men, but mr. noir did not want to go there.

ok, weight.  as a matter of fact, esme has a good idea about mr. noir’s opinion on weight, having obsessed about this matter for years.  she knows that mr. noir doesn’t mind a bit of adipose tissue.  in fact, he tends not to like women to be too thin.  what esme considers a sticking-out-stomach, mr. noir considers “feminine,” and esme loves him for it!  however, esme is aware anecdotally that there are men who have a horror of fat on women.  she is just glad she is not married to one!

mr. noir wanted to make sure that esme did not forget the elusive element of “personality”.  personality, he averred, trumps clothes, stuffing, wrinkles, fat, and just about everything else.  a person (male or female) can be attractive and compelling simply by virtue of the force of their character.  personality is the fire in the fireplace, the light in the lightbulb, the twinkle in the eye–without which the body is simply a body and the home a cold, hard place.

next up:  what do WOMEN want?




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