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hand with rings

oh dear, did esme really promise to muse on this topic??  somehow she fears that this might be a good way to get into deep trouble!  however, a promise is a promise, so esme will give it her best shot.

the question, more precisely, is what do women notice when they look at a man?  do they notice his clothes?  do women look at men any differently than men look at women?  esme really can’t speak for anyone else, but here are her reflections of her own ways of looking.

first of all, one looks at people all the time, and generally is not aware of just how one is looking or what goes on in one’s mind.  so it takes a step back to analyze the process.  reminds esme of the photos of photographers photographing photographers that one sees on blogs about the international fashion shows!

photo of photographer

esme seems to be one of those women who notice men’s butts.  these are often nicely displayed in jeans, but any well-fitted pants will do (and i do NOT mean those baggy trousers that show the underwear and more!).  i suppose esme will notice the shape, and secondarily note what it’s clad in.

she notices hands and forearms……these are usually bare and easy to see in a stationary man.  as a holdover from her single days, she always notices whether the guy is wearing a wedding ring or not.  she might remark that the man is wearing an attractive shirt, but would probably be hard-pressed to describe the details later.

esme notices noses, and tends to attempt to figure out ethnicity.  if she is close enough, she notices eyes. esme loves a good pair of eyes!  omg, there was a photo in the obits this morning of a guy who died at 99 next to his photo as a young man—in both you could see that he had the gentlest, most compelling eyes!  esme might notice hair if it’s particularly striking, but not if it’s not.

where does this leave us?  esme would have to say that, rather like mr. noir, she notices the stuffing first, and the casing later.  indeed, if a guy looks interesting, she’d have to admit to a certain degree of mental undressing.

so perhaps we women (or at least esme) are not so different from men (or at least from mr. noir).  ok ladies, who’s willing to chime in next? (but remember, this is a family blog, so keep it clean!)

looking at myself looking,



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