by admin on December 14, 2011

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some of the students in our fashion class were brave enough to design and produce their garments all by themselves.  one of these was the lovely paloma, who designs under the label free dove.  free dove’s goal was to produce a beautiful, eco-friendly dress, made all of recyclable materials.  the prototype you see here was constructed from newpaper, and grocery bags.  the bags lent stiffness to the foundation, while the paper added a jazzy print and a bit of poof.  there were even historical references, as in the bodice neckline which echoed vintage “crumb-catchers”.

were the gown to be produced commercially, it would be made of organic cotton.  this would be a bit pricey, but worth the expense. this is a gown that would attract a lot of attention and have a more-ecological-than-thou attitude to boot!  esme’s red coat would be jealous!

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