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another brave student who designed and produced her final project by herself was the exotic flavia.  flavia was the one student besides esme who was perhaps a few years older than 19.  she hails from brazil, and plans to produce her own line of green clothing for kids.  she designed an eye-catching logo with symbols for earth, fire and water.  gaia refers to an earth-goddess.

flavia not only knows how to design, but also knows how to sew.  esme had been watching her with amazement as she finished last minute details on one of the class sewing machines the previous week.  however, as sometimes happens in the high-pressure world of fashion, she had problems with her model the morning of the show.  the model (aged 2), threw a tantrum and absolutely refused to put on the dress that flavia had so carefully designed and constructed!  they don’t call it the terrible 2’s for nothing! and imagine how crestfallen the designer was.

the amazing thing was, the seamstress from atelier de la Mer rose to the occasion and produced the perfect model out of thin air (or perhaps it was water).  anyway, one phone-call later, she had managed to enlist her adorable 3 year old sister (a tike who loves to be the center of attention) as a back-up model.  absolutely too cute for words!

impromptu model

in the meantime, the designer decided she’d have to make the dress a bit easier to get on and off (snaps??  a back zipper??) so that her target customer would not throw a fit!





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