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scrapbook apron

here’s something a little different:  one of the fashion students (TDW designs) designed aprons constructed of scraps of fabric laden with memories.  her motto is “making old memories new again”.  each apron told a little story.  one was made from her grandmother’s lace, another from her wild sister’s motorcycle kerchiefs.  the most touching apron (now have you ever even heard of an apron being touching??) was made from cut-outs of the little sweatshirt that the designer, adopted as a child, had worn on the day she met her adoptive family.

what a great way to preserve one’s sentimental clothes.  esme might not want aprons (after all, she is not much for cooking), but she could certainly imagine t-shirts or perhaps vests constructed from her own sentimental fabrics.  of course, such musings bring to mind esme’s favorite garments that have been lost to follow-up:  her dvf wrap dress from 1976; a multi-colored silk blouse from the late ’70’s; a brown motorcylce jacket she must have had until the early ’80’s.  if only these had been preserved or saved as appliques instead of circling the rings of saturn like little lost socks.

and then there is esme’s dog-fur collection, which she hopes one day to have spun into yarn and made into a something so that she’ll have her favorite canine always near……

clothing, like proust’s madeleine, is redolent of both our memories and our hopes.

what garments would you scrapbook, readers?




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