by admin on December 19, 2011

leopard-print dress

esme decided that the little leopard print frock she found on sale at leaf and petal (palo alto) would be her holiday dress.  where/when else would she have an opportunity to wear such a dress (or a dress at all, for that matter)?

she and mr. noir were actually invited to several holiday affairs, esme had various book-group related events, luncheons with girl-friends materialized……esme had plenty of occasions to dress up a bit.  indeed, she has had enough occasions that all she wants to do now is huddle under the covers in her p.j.’s with a book and not talk to anyone for about 3 days!  so much for extroversion!  so much for being a party animal!  no matter how much animal print esme wears, she still has a tendency to fade after a few hours of socializing.  and a few party-days in a row can leave her positively catatonic.

mr.  noir, on the other hand, is just getting revved up.  when he starts in on the jokes, watch out!  esme has been know to drag him talking and gesticulating right out the door.

speaking of mr. noir…..for some reason he is not in love with esme’s animal-print dress.  he did concede that it would be better with the proper accessories.  whatever those might be, esme doesn’t have them, but she has been trying to imagine what would work.  a couple of long gold necklaces?  some little booties with heels?  a bit of bling?  one day esme did add her thrifted faux fur vest, which looked pretty cool until it became too hot.

a bit of bling?

inspirations, readers?

not a party animal,



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