by admin on December 20, 2011

tipping the scale

horrors!  esme has always imagined she would do something drastic if her weight went over the blood-donating threshold.  however, the worst has happened, and esme is still here, not drastically changed, and still not donating any blood because her veins are terrible.  who would have thought that a few pieces of chocolate angel cake, some glasses of champagne, a bit of triple cream fromage, the random bite of rum cake would add up to so many pounds?

it seems only a few years ago that esme could have consumed three times that much, maybe added half a pound, swum a few extra laps for a few days, and been back to her fighting weight within a week.  alas, those days are gone and mourned.  these days the tiniest little indiscretion shows right up on one’s mid-section.  and next thing you know, those pants that fit so well and were comfortable besides are no longer comfortable.  then one feels doubly guilty thinking of the possible waste of perfectly good (and perfectly expensive) pants.

so for now esme has had to confine herself to her cj boyfriend jeans and various pants that were really a size too big just a few weeks ago.  her cobalt blue skinnies still fit, but are not comfy for all-day wearing.  oh my….esme knows that there are LOTS worse problems in the world, but her vanity is such that a development like this could be enough to send her into a tailspin.

and then she came across this headline while leafing through o magazine in the eye-doctor’s office:  WHEN BAD MUFFIN TOP HAPPENS TO GOOD WOMEN.  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!  esme did not even have time to actually read the article, but she got such an inner chuckle from the title that i’m sure she must have burned some calories just sitting there.

not really esme

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