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bejeweled tree

ok, i know that’s a stretch, but esme had to find some way to tie tree-decorating to fashion.  and really, when you think about it, ornaments are rather like jewelry!  be that as it may, the noirs do not decorate a tree for christmas.  in fact, they don’t have a tree.  this is their way of honoring their jewishness (which is really just cultural and not religious at all).

however, esme and hunter came across a wondrous thing on their mission trail walk.  apparently there is a holiday tradition of decorating one of the pine trees along the trail.  a mystery person leaves a bag of ornaments and an indelible pen.  the dog-walkers (and others i presume) pen the names of their dogs and their own names on their choice of ornament and help decorate the tree.

as you might imagine, hunter, being oblivious to cultural and religious distinctions, was dying to hang an ornament with his name on it.  how could esme resist?  they picked out a lovely silver ornament with colored speckles (kind of like a silver goose egg).  hunter sniffed his approval, and esme helped him pen his name.  i have to admit there’s something magical about checking on our ornament every time we walk.  it has survived a few rain-storms and goodness knows what other natural occurrences.

it crossed esme’s mind that the tree would be an interesting prop in a murder mystery: a person (and perhaps their dog) disappears and their ornament remains.  perhaps it’s the only clue.  the mission trail, while beautiful, is a bit wild and deserted.  anything could happen there.  esme once had a similar thought about the carmel post office at night.

hunter walks the mission trail

well, let’s not get morbid.  and after all, esme has a fierce protector on her dog-walks, so i think she’s safe.

in the holiday spirit,



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