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vintage bed-jacket

this is the time of year when our carmel cottage can get really cold at night.  neither mr. noir nor esme likes the heat on when they sleep, but goodness……. one’s thoughts turn to sleep-wear!  esme has been very happy with her soma p.j.’s.  however, the fabric is relatively light and the sleeves are 3/4.  fine on most evenings, but a bit chilly when it gets into the 30’s and 40’s.

every year about this time esme finds herself thinking about an old-fashioned garment called a bed jacket.  i don’t think she’s ever actually seen one (except perhaps in old movies), and you certainly can’t find them in the stores.  but this would be the perfect thing for putting over one’s sleepwear on a particularly cold night, and perhaps discarding in the wee hours if it  becomes too warm.  it would also be ideal for reading in bed, when one’s arms and neck are by necessity exposed to the chill.

what would a bed-jacket look like?  first off, the material would have to be very soft.  esme believes that the traditional ones were made of quilted silk.  in this day and age, some sort of fleece fabric might work too.  the fastenings would have to be unobtrusive, so as not to stab the sleeper out of a sound sleep.  the wrists would best be a bit fitted, so that the sleeves didn’t ride up when one holds one’s book.  and the cut should be neither too tight nor too loose.

silk bed-jacket

i am imagining that dorothy of chartreuse could design a great little bed jacket.  her fabrics (silk, velvet) would be luxurious, and her unusual fastenings (delicate ties) might be just the thing.  what do you think, dorothy?  would a bed-jacket be a best-seller this time of year?

and on a really cold night one needs a night-cap (not the drink but the kind that goes on your head).  these days perhaps a soft little snood would work.  although i suppose one could end up strangling oneself if one happened to be a very restless sleeper.

failing these options, esme had to resort to desperate measures a few nights ago.  when mr. noir came to bed, he found esme curled up in fetal position enrobed in her p.j.’s, a patagonia fleece vest, and acorn fleece socks (which, i’m afraid, did not really match the p.j.’s)!

come to think of it, now that esme has an atelier, maybe her group could design a bed-jacket themselves!  raise your hand if you’d like one!





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