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reading in bed

esme received a surprisingly positive response to her bed-jacket post.  seems there are quite a few people out there with nostalgic memories of this garment and a need to ameliorate night-time chills.  in the meantime, esme has been thinking that it could be re-named (and re-marketed) as a reading-in-bed-jacket.

reading in bed is one of esme’s very favorite activities.  she knows it’s bad for the neck, but she’s been doing it ever since she learned to read, and is not about to give it up now.  variants include reading-curled-up-on-the sofa, reading-nestled-in-a recliner and reading-with-the-dog-in-the-sun-on-the-window-seat.  used to be that esme could read like this all afternoon and most of the night.  what a luxury!  these days her various arthur-itic conditions prohibit reading for much more than an hour, although sometimes she can extend this if she moves from the chair to the bed and back again.

in any case, one needs the proper attire.  in addition to a bed jacket, esme would like to suggest some elbow-length fingerless gloves.  these seem to be all the rage these days.  you can find knit ones, leather ones, fleece ones, and more.  a little cap (or a snood) for those with short hair would be nice.  perhaps a pair of cashmere socks.  and one of my book-group companions recently suggested a pillow on the stomach for book-support.

even dogs love it!

esme imagines that amazon could make a fortune by advertising these reading-garments alongside the newest kindle.  (which, btw, is said to be much more ergonomic than the older one, having touch-screen technology instead of those clunky buttons).   and just think of all the lovely little ditties one’s husband would have the pleasure of removing if he wanted to….errrr….suggest another activity!  so sexy!

reading away,


reading gloves?


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