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esme has vowed to go on a strict program of disciplined eating in order to pass back under the donating-blood-weight threshold.  she, mr. noir and christophe had the wonderful opportunity to meet esme’s parents and her lovely niece for dinner in palo alto the other day.  a challenging situation for self-discipline to be sure, but esme had a plan:  a glass of wine, beet salad, fish.  eschew the bread.  don’t even think about dessert.  good plan, right?

well, esme was confessing to mr. noir the next day when they hit upon the idea of a jewish confessional.  forgive me, rabbi, for i have sinned.  yes, my daughter?  yesterday i ate (gulp….holding back tears)…..a gin martini (up, with a twist) but only 1; filet mignon with foie gras (spelled foe grass on the menu of this italian restaurant, run by middle-easterners, and serving french food); and, omg…….a whole, large serving of bread pudding.  i really didn’t even want to finish the bread pudding, but there it was…..and it held me hostage.

dastardly dessert

and rabbi, i was wearing my ivan grundahl pants, purchased at sylvie for only (please don’t tell mr. noir) 30% off!  and a full-price set of lingerie, and and and ….oh i can’t go on!

god forgives you my daughter.  go in peace.  and next time, save some for me!

in a confessional mood,




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